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A certified public accountant by training, Jere spent his early years working in the world of corporate tax. He moved on to the non-profit sector years ago, first as Chief Financial Officer of a prominent Maine private foundation, then adding the title of President to his resume. He serves on a bank board, a hospital board, and is very grateful for his appointment by Sen. Susan Collins of Maine to serve on the first district’s United States Military Academy Nomination Committee. Jere lives with his wife and two children in Maine.

Deadly Account



Cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory. At least one of these represents a Deadly Account. The audit function ultimately – and gravely – exposes a client as a Deadly Account. These coalesce to form the foundation for relating a Deadly Account of murder and mayhem.

The first novel from author Jere G. Michelson, in an electrifying series . . .


Oftentimes there is no need to look for trouble – trouble looks for you.

It appears Jon Kirouac Williams, a fresh-faced new auditor working in Portland, Maine’s largest regional public accounting firm, leads a conventional existence. That is, until he bears witness to an unspeakable tragedy while walking toward his downtown office building the firm shares with Portland Bank and Trust. 

Choreographed explosions crumble an entire face of the building, destroying lives and the businesses held within. The broad consensus points to a bank robbery gone awry but few know the true target.

Now Jon finds himself swept into the chaos by happenstance; treading on the frontline of pandemonium. All this for a bank robbery? Was this a terrorist-motivated attack? Why would the FBI want his observations and assessment?

Jon’s unintentional and unwanted involvement will cause him to fight for his survival while striking unexpected allegiances along the way. The bonds he fosters not only help him wade through the physical danger, but support him as he faces his past and the long since-exorcised family demons intent on re-energizing and picking up where they left off.


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